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Coldfront Launches Cool Tool to Beat Hot Flashes

31 Mar

Yesterday I discovered a kindred spirit—a woman who believes the risks of hormone replacement therapies for menopause do not outweigh the benefits. She’s Susie Hadas, founder and president of Personally Cool, a company that makes an innovative hot-flash reliever: Coldfront, a discreet, palm-sized disc that stays cold all day and can be whipped out and held against your face or neck for quick relief.

Hadas presented her company to participants in Pipeline Fellowship, a program that trains female angel investors who are interested in supporting women-led businesses. Hadas had about five minutes to pitch her company to the panel of investors. Then she endured about 15 minutes of questions from the panelists, all of whom tried out her product with interest. Excuse the pun, but Hadas kept her cool throughout.

Coldfront is environmentally friendly and hormone free. It’s available online for $49.95. And you can follow Hadas on Twitter @personallycool. Here’s hoping more female entrepreneurs will follow Hadas’ lead and come up with innovative non-hormone methods for dealing with aging.

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