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Selling the Fountain of Youth Continues to Grab Attention

14 May

Just a quick update on Selling the Fountain of Youth: On April 18, I was featured for a full hour on “Wriggling in the Middle,” a show on News-Talk WHBC radion in Canton, Ohio. The conversation spanned a range of anti-aging  topics, from supplements like resveratrol to hormone replacement therapy for menopause.

In June, I will tape an interview with “Growing Bolder,” a radio show that airs on WMFE, 90.7fm, Central Florida’s NPR station. (Air date to be announced.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been pleased to see a growing recognition of anti-aging scams. As NPR recently reported, the Federal Trade Commission has asked the federal courts to halt the advertising by 10 companies that are using fake news sites to sell the supplement acai, which is derived from a Brazilian berry that supporters say can halt aging and promote weight loss. In its complaint, the FTC points out that many of the so-called news sites purporting to run objective stories about acai are fictional, as are the reporters those sites feature.

Hopefully we can all continue to bring these false advertising efforts to light so fewer consumers will be fooled by anti-aging claims!

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