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Aubrey de Grey Talks Aging with Wired

31 Oct

source Aubrey de Grey is one of the most polarizing figures in the field of aging research. That’s because he believes technology will eventually make us immortal. So I read with interest a lengthy interview in Wired, in which he covers a number of topics, including:

can i buy avodart in canada * A prize he’s offering to anyone who can grow and transplant a viable organ

http://gracechurchcameron.org/my-account/lost-password/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments * The lack of funding for legitimate aging research (not anti-aging research)

* Why Oprah rarely features real scientists on her show

* Whether anti-aging therapies will on be accessible to the rich

Read the Aubrey de Grey interview here.

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Huffington Post: Suzanne Somers, Anti-Aging Prophet? I Don’t Think So

25 Oct

A few years ago, former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers embarked on a new career: She became a proponent of bioidentical hormones, which she describes as safe and natural therapies for menopausal women. She wrote three bestselling books on the topic, “The Sexy Years,” “Ageless” and “Breakthrough.” And to cap it all off, she will appear in a movie–titled “Suzanne Somers’ Breakthrough Tour,” which will show in some movie theaters on November 4 and November 9.

Read more here.

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Huffington Post: Anti-Aging Ice Cream? Stop the Presses!

21 Oct

That headline got your attention, didn’t it? It caught my eye, too, especially when I saw the words “anti-aging ice cream” on the websites of well-known journalism outlets like Allure Magazine and Fox New York. This so-called news emanated from a deal that consumer-products giant Unilever (parent company of Ben & Jerry’s) signed recently with a Silicon Valley company called Ampere Life Sciences.

Read more about what I discovered on my quest to find anti-aging ice cream.

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Exercise and Aging: Yet Another Study Proves the Benefits

15 Oct

A study published in the Oct. 13 online edition of the journal Neurology shows that walking six miles a week prevents the brain from shrinking, which in turn preserves memory in aging people. It’s just the latest of many studies proving that good old exercise is the best anti-aging treatment around.

The study, conducted by University of Pittsburgh scientists, lasted for nine years and tracked the exercise habits of 299 people. The researchers found that walking 72 blocks per week–about the equivalent of six to nine miles–increased gray matter in the brain. Participants who were the most avid walkers cut their risk of suffering memory problems by half.

As I’ve been out speaking about Selling the Fountain of Youth over the last several weeks, I’ve often been asked what works when it comes to slowing down the aging process? I believe this latest study confirms what I’ve been telling people: Exercise is the only anti-aging remedy that has been shown to work in scientific, controlled trials.

“If regular exercise in midlife could improve brain health and improve thinking and memory in later life, it would be one more reason to make regular exercise in people of all ages a public health imperative,” said Kirk I. Erickson in a press release. I couldn’t agree more.

One study I cite in the book showed that men who became fit decreased their risk of dieing of any disease by a whopping 44%. And you don’t have to do Mr. Universe-style workouts to reap the benefits. Many studies have shown that moderate exercise–walking, gardening, climbing stairs–for a half hour, a few times a week, is more than adequate. This latest data on the benefits of walking should only drive home that point.

Here’s my bottom line: If you want to stay young, throw out the hormone gels and pricey supplements, turn off the TV, and take a walk. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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NPR Wisconsin Features Selling the Fountain of Youth

06 Oct

I was featured this morning on Wisconsin public radio. In a one-hour conversation with Joy Cardin, we discussed a number of issues surrounding the search for eternal youth, including: Why do anti-aging doctors tell patients that horse hormones are bad but pig hormones are good? How did Botox contribute to the growth of anti-medicine? Is society’s obsession with youth to blame for the growth of the anti-aging industry?

Listen here.

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Huffington Post: FTC Does Little to Curb Anti-Aging Scams

06 Oct


Way back in January 2009, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning to consumers to beware of online offers for free trials of acai berry–one of the many products sold on the Web that purports to promote weight loss and halt aging. Turns out many of the so-called free trials weren’t free at all–they actually hooked unsuspecting shoppers into expensive monthly shipments of acai juice or supplements. Since then, many consumer protection organizations have issued similar warnings. And last year, Oprah Winfrey and her on-air doctor Mehmet Oz sued 50 Internet retailers for improperly using their names and likenesses to advertise acai and other supplements.

But as I learned recently, these offers are still rampant on the Internet. Read more at HuffPo.

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Free Trials of Anti-Aging Products: Buyer Beware

02 Oct


In Selling the Fountain of Youth, I write about the plethora of Internet offers for “free trials” of supplements that purportedly extend life, such as acai berry and resveratrol. Earlier this year, the Web was over-run with ads featuring Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz, as if to imply these celebrities had actually endorsed specific acai and resveratrol products for anti-aging (they hadn’t). Winfrey and Oz sued 50 Internet supplement sellers, and most of those ads came off the Web.

However, as I discovered recently while reporting a story for the US News & World Report retirement issue, many seniors are still falling for free-trial offers that aren’t exactly free. The problem is so pervasive that the Federal Trade Commission is now getting involved. Read more here.

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